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For you travelers who do not know of Ditto Town, it is a place of wonder and insanity (is not Sanity itself Relative?). A small planet called Dittotopia is situated in the Delta Quadrant of a galaxy known by its inhabitants as the Ditto Galaxy. Ditto Town is a small settlement on the main continent. Ditto Town itself is a nexus, a place where universes meet. Here the population is made up of anyone from Gryphons, Jedi, and Elves of Middle-Earth, to Talking Beasts, sentient droids, and Holograms with a sense of humor. Any newcomers are welcomed with open arms; provided their intentions are just and true. To learn more of this amazing place, one would be best to actually visit the Ditto Town Forum. These pages are for all races, people, histories, places, technologies, and other concepts in the ongoing Ditto Town Saga of the Fountain & Mansion, so some of these things are not native to Dittotopia at all.

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