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The Fountain Fellowship is the name given to the group of adventurers that have traveled across Dittotopia and to other worlds, fighting against evil in whatever form it may take. They are a wide range of beings, from Jedi to Essentia, from Ewoks to humans and everything in between. The "membership" has changed over time, as heroes have come and gone. The formation of the Fellowship is generally considered to have taken place during the Chake Wars, with the group of Dittotopians that gathered together to save Ditto Town from the evil Chake. Among their number were Hygren Bookfellow, Marrim, Alatariel, Joey the Jedi Ewok, Sh'thaura, Burnrubber the Autobot, Srine and Vendreho Tarterus, the D'ni R'hira and Kedri, Ben, Fingon, and Orin. Since the defeat of Chake, the Fellowship battled valiantly against Cade and Celest (the clones of Chake) and the Undetto Gang, fought the Ethan Wars, have solved a crisis on Kashyyyk, and made many allies including Alon Verdera and the Essentia, Ethan, the Autobots, defectors from the Undetto such as Jez, Tress, and Raphael Di Veracini.

After helping the Wookie Habacca find his long lost brother on Kashyyyk, the Fellowship learned that all the enemies they had faced in the past were nothing but servants and tools of the Evil One himself: X'ephure. After the defeat of X'ephure by Natanel on Taelo, the Fellowship underwent a great change in their numbers, but still continue their All-given duty to battle X'ephure's minions wherever they may be, and defend the innocent of all worlds.

In 1815 the Monstropolis senate took over the whole of Dittotopia and disbanded the Fellowship.

NOTE: Since the Fountain Fellowship is not an "official" organization, it is difficult to determine who is truly a "member" of the group, and not just an ally. Few of the original group remain, the others having left or died. The group itself hardly ever calls itself the Fountain Fellowship, rather it is more like a nickname used by others to refer to the heroes of Ditto Town. It is unknown who originally coined the phrase.

The Fountain Fellowship
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