General Information

Character Name: Myrelen Daa (My-RA-len DA) Character Nicknames or Titles: Myra Screen Name of Author: Sweeetlilgurlie

Character Information

Age: 12 Gender: Female Species: Twi'lek Skin/Eye Colors: Blue/Purple Weight/Height: 90 lbs. / 4'7" Clothes and Other Accessories: Jedi Learner garb and a friendship necklace. Weapons: Lightsaber, grappling hook

Residence: (caves, Ditto Mansion, etc) Ditto Jedi base beneath the Mansion Occupation: Padawan learner Mode of Transportation: Feet Overall Personality: mischievous, kind, outgoing, loyal, fun, smart Personality Flaws: Is very impetuous Hobbies: Going on missions, swimming, sparring with her lightsaber Likes/Dislikes: Having fun, Adventure, missions with her best friend, Kel/ Being bored, incompetentness Long-term Goals: To become a Jedi Knight Skills: Using a lightsaber with both hands equally well, making anything technological. Magic Skills: The Force

Family: None known of. Friends: Kel, Rel Taric, Jedi Enemies: Sith Characters to whom yours is a sidekick: Um.. Her master, Rel Taric? Does that count?

Short History: Myrelen Daa was brought to the Ditto Jedi order at the age of four. She learned the jedi ways and Rel Taric selected her to be his padawan when she was eleven. Shortly thereafter she met Kel, and they immediately became best friends. However, Myra is often off on missions with Rel and she does not get to see Kel often.

On a stroke of luck (which her master doesn't believe in), Myra was able to go on a mission with Kel, and her master Gawain, to the planet Siel. Since Myra had recently been to Kel, she wanted to show Kel around. They found a glowing blue building and explored it, nearly meeting death after accidentally pushing a blinking green button.

After her near death, Myra felt something strange. There were two people in the building, two dark stranger. When she went to investigate, she was killed by the Dark Lady Meav, ironically Kel's older sister. She died bravely in defense of herself and her friends, and though she had faults, she thought of others first. ()

Stories Character has been in (Ditto Mansion roleplay, Fountain roleplay, Ditto Story numbers): Dark Side Rising

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