R5-W3 "Scrappy"
Species: R-5 Series Astromech Droid
Gender: Male Programming
Height: 1 meter
Allies: David Benedict, Shono
Profession: Astromech Droid
Era(s): *Ditto Sith Empire Era
Affiliation(s): Benedict Family
Author(s): Narnianerd

History Edit

"It was a stupid droid! It should be scrap!"
— Hailey Lyrus

R5-W3 was an R-5 series astromech droid in the service of the Ditto Sith Empire. He was commandeered, along with a starfighter, by David Benedict during the Ditto Revolution, who gave him the nickname "Scrappy" due to the droid's personality and beat-up appearance. Scrappy was attached to the Benedict family for many generations, and was still going strong in 1501 AES. By that time, he had been modified by the Autobot Shono to be able to tap into the Autobot communication network, a feature that irked many of the Autobots, especially Solarflare.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Scrappy was created by narnianerd.

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