Warpath maximal
Homeworld: Cybertron
Approx. Age: 4,000
Species: Transformer
Gender: Male
Chassis color: Green
Optics: Red
Height: 10 ft.
Vehicle mode: Tank
Friends: Maximals, Zacce Nalum
Enemies: Decepticons, Quintessons, Villains in general
Strength: 8
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 5
Endurance: 9
Rank: 10
Courage: 9
Firepower: 9
Skill: 8
Function: Maximal City Commander
Era(s): *Pax Cybertronia
Affiliation: Maximal
Author(s): zlcva

History Edit

After the Great War with the evil Decepticons ended, many colonist teams were organized to expand Autobot influence in the galaxy. The promising young leader Warpath was selected to help lead one such team with Orion Prime. Some time after they crashed on Dittotopia, Warpath succeeded Orion as leader of the colony. He and his fellow Autobots fought against, and imprisoned, the ancient creature known as Gothmotron and built Ditto Autobot City. They spent the next one thousand years disguised as vehicles used by the Dittotopians, and did not reveal themselves until the second battle with Gothmotron before the Chake Wars. Since then, they have openly declared their existence to Dittotopia, though they still keep to themselves.

In 1501 AES, Warpath and the other Dittotopian Autobots were upgraded into Maximals. Warpath chose to retain a tank vehicle mode similar to his Autobot form. Ditto Autobot City was then renamed to Maximal City.

Character Information Edit


Warpath, before becoming a Maximal

Distinct Markings: Autobot insignia on his chest, cannon turrets on back, speaks with a "cowboy" accent
Weapons: Various blasters, tank turret, rocket launchers
Armor: Body is made of Cybertronian armor plating, which, while not invulnerable, is more resilient than anything on Earth.
Residence: Ditto Autobot City
Overall Personality: Outgoing, loud, cocky, brave, and smarter than he sometimes appears to be.
Personality Flaws: Loud, cocky
Hobbies: Target practice, pestering members of other Autobot teams
Likes/Dislikes: Likes- Energon, battle / Dislikes- Decepticons, talk instead of action
Long-term Goals: Be as famous as his namesake, the original Warpath.
Skills: Dead-on accuracy, brute strength, excellent strategist, can merge with other War Team members into a giant robot named Justitron
Family: Sometimes refers to the other War Team members as his "brothers", since they were all built at the same time. They are: Blades, Space Case, Rollbar, and Long Haul
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.: Reports to the Autobot Supreme Commander on Cybertron



Autobot War Team (from left): Blades, Rollbar, Long Haul, Warpath and Space Case


The War Team's combined form: Justitron. Warpath forms the left leg.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Warpath was created by zlcva. His appearance is based off of Decepticon Combaticon Brawl, with the personality of Autobot Ironhide. He was upgraded to a Maximal based on the Cybertronian version of Rhinox.

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